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This calculator is made available to you as an educational tool only and calculations are based on borrower-input information. This is not an advertisement for the above terms, interest rates, or payment amounts. Cahaba Mortgage does not guarantee the applicability of the above terms in regards to your individual circumstances.

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Why choose Cahaba Mortgage?

We want you to be comfortable and confident in your choice to use Cahaba Mortgage for your home financing. Talk with us about your goals and allow us to provide personalized options, tailored to your individual needs. We provide local expertise and industry leading technology to be able to close quickly and with some of the lowest rates and fees in the country!

Do you offer VA or USDA loans?

Yes, we love doing both of these loans and we do quite a bit of them. VA loans are for qualified veterans and offers 100% financing, and USDA loans are for eligible properties in delegated "Rural" areas.

What will I need to apply?

Copy of Driver's License, 2 recent paystubs, 2 years of your W-2s or federal income taxes (taxes only if self-employed), 2 months most recent bank statements, and Divorce Decree (if divorced or seperated).

How much do I need for a down payment?

Typically you will need a minimum of 3%-5% down payment on a home. To figure out the dollar amount, take the sales price and multiply it by 0.03 or 0.05. We do offer some 100% financing programs,

Should I get pre-approved before looking at homes?

Yes! Yes! YES! -- know exactly what budget you qualify for in order to set realistic expectations with yourself and your REALTOR. We will make sure you are comfortable with your estimated payment, loan type, down payment, and all other financing terms BEFORE you begin looking at homes.

What credit score do I need to have?

The quick answer is the higher the better. Our minimum credit score required to obtain financing is 640. Credit scores are ranked from 300 - 850, and you would want to be on the higher end of that. If you don't know where your score is, you can use free tools online or through your credit card to see what your "consumer" score is -- **this will be different from your FICO score that we pull. Contact us to see for sure.

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